Biomagsens is a RTD project funded in the frame of the call IST-NMP-2 Bio-sensors for Diagnosis and Healthcare.

The aim of the project is to develop a new generation of ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors with very low noise based on magnetic tunnel junctions for Diagnosis and Healthcare applications. These elements will first be used to develop hybrid sensors able to detect femtoTesla fields for magnetic imaging of the human body, mainly heart and brain. Secondly, we will develop the next generation of magnetic based biochips. Finally we will explore a new approach for biochips based on fluctuating particles localized in space by dipolar reconstruction



The consortium is composed of three research and development institutes, a small  enterprise and a large scale industry.

The main outputs of this project will be reliable, highly sensitive magnetic sensors for very different applications, hybrid sensors for femtoTesla field detection, a magneto-cardiographic (MCG) device, a new generation of magnetic based biochips and quantitative evaluation of dipolar reconstruction methods at the micron length scale.


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